Carpet Tiles

We offer a broad selection of carpet tiles for your home or business.

In some situations, carpet tiles can be a better alternative to a traditional broadloom carpet. They offer great flexibility, are fitted and maintained easily and can often be a very economical flooring solution.

Carpet tiles have a number of advantages:

  • flexibility – they’re easy to fit in small or awkward spaces, and they don’t have to be laid all in one go
  • portability – you can transport carpet tiles in a car, and you can take them with you when you leave a property
  • easy to clean – if there’s  spillage, just the affected tiles can be cleaned
  • useful where damage is likely – only individual tiles will need to be replaced
  • economical – their small size means there’s less initial waste, and their strong backing means underlay may not be necessary.

For all these reasons, carpet tiles can be a natural choice for commercial environments, such as offices, or public buildings.

Contact us today and find out if carpet tiles are the right choice for your home or commercial premises.